We don't sleep only for the night. That's why your bed is so important.

Sleep is one of the fundamentals for good health and being able to perform in everyday life. Still, many people do not value their sleep quality highly enough. Did you know, for example, that sleep greatly affects how you feel mentally, physically and emotionally? Sleep regulates hormone production and is therefore crucial when it comes to emotional stability. It also helps your creativity and ability to learn. Sleep is simply an investment in health that should always be a priority. Instead, we let ourselves be controlled by stress, performance anxiety and at the same time mobile screens and their light have entered our bedrooms and disturbed our natural circadian rhythm.

For us at Jensen, it is important to  encourage healthy sleep habits. Try to set routines for when you go to bed and prioritize sleep by  investing in a bed that gives you the quality of sleep you need. It is crucial to waking up rested and reaching your full potential  in everyday life.

Sleep is the key to a healthy life. 

If you have previously slept too little and start sleeping 7-9 hours a night, you will quickly notice positive differences. First and foremost, you will feel better emotionally, which can lead to you managing both your family and your job in a more stable way. Sleep also affects memory. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation greatly impairs short-term memory, while good sleep helps you stay focused. The consequence is that it is easier for you to avoid stress and unnecessary accidents. In studies, driving a car with a lack of sleep has been compared to driving under the influence of alcohol as a result of the impaired ability to react. 

Sleep also has a long-term positive effect on your health. There is a clear link between long-term sleep deprivation and an increased risk of mental illness. Sleep also strengthens your immune system and has been shown to reduce the risk of infections, inflammation and cardiovascular disease. In addition, the body becomes less rigid and the skeleton is strengthened. In short, sleep is the key to waking up fully rested and being able to perform your best during the coming day. Also, you may even look healthier if the bags under your eyes disappear.

We all have a biological circadian rhythm that is constantly repeated. It is affected by what we eat and in what way we are exposed to light and darkness. Our need for sleep varies and changes throughout life. For those who struggle with sleep problems, there are several tips for finding your way back to a good sleep rhythm. It's worth it, in the hectic time we live,  where sleep is not a priority. In fact, sleep is something we should all make time for, and even be proud of.