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Norwegian sleep quality since 1947.

Along the coast of southeastern Norway, just outside of Oslo and right by the powerful Drammen Fjord is where you’ll find Svelvik. Instantly noticeable about this idyllic town are the winding streets and the white houses. But what happens when you scratch the beautiful surface? You’ll find hard work, craftsmanship passed through generations and the sleep of your dreams.  

It was here in Svelvik, only two years after the Second World War ended, that the Jensen family started their furniture production. Materials were limited in 1947, ambition was not. From the production of the first mattresses, the aim was to give everyone who chose Jensen the best possible sleep. This hasn’t changed.

We believe you should never be held back because you are tired – and so we have worked tirelessly to learn everything we can about sleep, physiology and materials. Thanks to the knowledge acquired through generations, we have earned the trust of customers far from our home in Norway. 

Still, we never forget where we come from. Our factory remains here in Svelvik and we are proud to say that every bed and mattress carrying our name is made with passion and craftsmanship. Because to us, sleep is not something that’s reserved for the night. It’s what makes your day. 

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