When children wants to sleep in their parents bed

Most children have at one point had a wish to sleep together with their parents. Some wants it every night. However, is it a necessary need for children to sleep in their parent’s bed? The opinions differ, but if you choose to let your children sleep in your bed at night there are some things worth considering. Polls show that more and more parents are electing to sleep together with their children. It is called co-sleeping, and seen from a child’s perspective it can very well sleep with its parents until the age of five. It can give more secure children, but at the same time you are not taking anything away from your child by insisting it sleeps in its own bed (with the exception of if the child is sick, anxious). 

Better sleep for parent without children in the bed

The opinions are split in two about whether to sleep with your children or not- not only among parents but also among sleep experts. Some believes it is a bad habit and that parents sleep better with their children sleeping in their own bed. That way parents are better prepared to take responsibility and interact with their children during the day, something that is vital for children’s development. At the same time children need help finding their own daily circle. 

Co-sleeping- a way to give children security

Others claim that co- sleeping can make your child more secure- with good sleep as a result. It is not unusual that children in different ages sleep uneasy and they can sleep more calmly by sleeping nearby their parents the whole night, even when they are a little older. This, some says, have been natural since the dawn of time and have given children the proximity to their parent’s sounds, smells, warmth and movements.  

Adjusted parents bed with room for children

If parents have decided that the best for the entire family is for the child to sleep in their parent’s bed, it is a good idea to think through have the parents bed can be adjusted. We recommend investing in an extra-large continental bed so that the child’s sleep movements is not affecting the parents sleep, as well as the child not being affected by its parents. Also avoid that the child falls down the gap created by having to mattresses on an adjustable bed. Bet on a mattress topper that covers the entire bed where everyone gets enough room. The parent’s bed needs to be roomier and it is good if the child has its own duvet. 

Another reason the child would rather sleep in its parent’s bed could of course be that the parent’s bed quality is better- it is of course nicer and more comfortable to sleep in the homes best bed. Parents can then encourage the child to sleep in its own bed by buying a better mattress/bed for them. That way everyone in the house can get equally good sleep but in different beds/rooms.