3 tips for better sleep

Sleep is extremely important. Statistically, we sleep a third of our lives. A good night's sleep is crucial for our quality of life and health - both physically and cognitively. A good bed is of course important for your sleep, but there are also other things that have a big impact on the quality of sleep. Here are 3 tips to help you get the most out of your sleep.

1. Get good routines - and stick to them

Good routines are key to improved sleep quality. Make sure you go to bed and get up at the same time all week - even in the weekends. Sleeping longer in the morning during the weekends will only make it harder to get up on Monday morning. Your circadian rhythm, which controls the sleep hormone melatonin and other sleep processes, has difficulty adapting to an uneven sleep rhythm. Simply because the body's sleep processes never quite know when to start. This means that you are never tired when you go to bed, and never rested when you wake up. A good tips could be to set an alarm to alert you when you should start preparing for the night, both physically and mentally - in the same way that you warm up before exercising.

2. Do not use your mobile phone and PC

In a hectic workday, where emails are rarely more than a keystroke away, it can be difficult to take a break. We recommend that you do this a few hours before going to bed. Even if you read the emails with plans to answer tomorrow, this can affect your sleep. The amygdala, the center of the brain that influences learning, memory and social behavior, plays an important role in learning from associations based on past experiences. It is the amygdala that often shows up when you look restlessly at the ceiling and your thoughts begin to wander. If you then read an email and did not respond, or perhaps responded quickly and briefly, these are potentially unnecessary worries that can quickly steal your sleep. It may therefore be appropriate to set a fixed time for when you will leave the job for the day

3. Make a gratitude journal

A gratitude journal is kind of a diary, or think tank, where you write down the things you are grateful for. This is a tool that is often used by people who want to focus on the positive things in life. For example, you can write down three things you are grateful for each night before you go to sleep, big and small. Studies show that writing things down has a therapeutic effect, and by focusing on the positive, it can make you fall asleep faster and sleep better. If you are afraid of forgetting some of tomorrow's many to-do’s, you can also write down some of these - so you do not have to worry about it.

Sleep well!