Jensen mattress topper protection

A mattress topper in high quality contributes to a better nights sleep. The mattress should feel embracing, be soft and at the same time give correct support for the entire body. But to keep the mattress topper nice and clean and in parallel reduce wear, you need a mattress topper that protects the bed from dirt, dust and moisture- whilst still giving you good sleep comfort.


Jensen SoftProtect mattress topper is easy to put on and use. It is easy to remove, easy to clean and can of course be machine-washed.  SoftProtect inhibits dust mites in the topper mattress. SoftProtect is made of a thin and elastic material with a surface specially treated for a lasting moist repellent effect. The mattress topper protection still lets air through and allows that the bed ventilates in a good way, all though the protector has a moist repellent effect.

At the same time, SoftProtect is soft and comfortable with stretch in the textile that makes it conform to the mattress topper and gives a good sleep comfort and a good protection of the mattress surface.

SoftProtect contains BAYGARD® WRS. BAYGARD® WRS is composed of special polymers which ensure a high durable water repellent effect. BAYGARD® WRS do not contain any harmful substances such as heavy metals or formaldehyde.

The SoftProtect cover goes through a bath a mix of water and BAYGARD® WRS, thereafter the cover is pressed between 2 big rollers. The cover will  at the end of the process be dried at temperature of 155°C.

Washable: Jensen SoftProtect can be easily washed at 60˚C. No tumbler drying. No ironing.
Warranty: 5 year warranty for Jensen SoftProtect
Fabric composition: 100 % polyester
Color: White
75/80/90/105/120/140/150/160/180/210 x 200 cm
75/80/90/105/120/150/160/180/210 x 210 cm
Split 150/160/180 x 210/200 cm


Jensen TempSmart Protect is a mattress topper protector that comes in a variety of sizes to fit all our mattress toppers. It protects the mattress topper, does not slip, is easy to clean and machine washable. The TempSmart Protect not only has a high and durable moisture repellent effect, but also has a 'thermostatic control', which actively intervenes to balance out temperature fluctuations that cause restless sleep. The TempSmart Protect contains Sensity™, which keeps the bed naturally 'fresh', drier and more hygienic. It also inhibits the development of mites. TempSmart Protect has been awarded the Swan Label, the official environmental label of the Nordic countries. TempSmart Protect comes in a blue, reusable net with drawstring and with a discreet Jensen logo.

Washing instructions: Washable at 60°. Spread out when wet. Do not tumble dry and do not iron.
Guarantee:5-year guarantee
Fabric composition: 59% polyester, 41% lyocell
Colour: White
75/80/90/105/120/140/150/160/180/210 x 200 cm
75/80/90/105/120/150/160/180/210 x 210 cm
Split 150/160/180 x 210/200 cm