Stylish accessory in birch for the bedroom

Scandinavian design is trending. Jensen is now launching a gorgeous, new collection in the Add-On series for the bedroom in birch, which reflects the bright, Nordic style.

Birch plays an important role in Scandinavian design, and with its minimalistic and bright expression, the new birch collection is created for bedrooms with that Scandinavian look and feel.

The birch collection is produced in Sykkylven in Norway, and consists of two different bedside tables, one that stands on the floor and one that can be attached to all Jensen's beds. In addition to a breakfast tray, a design bench and bed legs. The gorgeous design products are made of UV-lacquered, light birch with a base of powder-coated steel.

The surface treatment of the wood is environmentally friendly and ensures that the wood retains its bright and fresh look throughout its life. The wood is extracted from forests where sustainable removal of birch forests is carried out.

Jensen focuses on details and has gradually designed a large selection of accessories for the bedroom, as a supplement to Jensen's modern beds, based on 75 years of experience in craftsmanship and innovation.