During sleep is when the magic happens

Pia Seeberg is both a health journalist, personal trainer and mental trainer. She describes her job as creating and spreading the joy of working out. If you want an active Summer, you can follow her online training programs anywhere and whenever you want. We have asked her about sleep!

How important is sleep for an efficient workout?
Sleep is essential, both to make it through the day, and not the least to have the extra energy to work out. Training gives us more energy in time, but when you have the choice between being physical active or lying on the sofa, it can be really hard. If you lack sleep, it´s even more difficult and it will affect the quality and experience of your workout.

What are your best workout tips for Summer?
I´m a fan of keeping it simple, especially on vacation. No equipment is necessary. Bring an exercise mat and some comfortable clothes, and there you are good to go. Last but not the least, let all rules stay at home. Have fun and enjoy sweating alone or with your travel companions.

How important is mental calm for sleep quality?
I´m not an expert on sleep, but everyone knows that to cut out screens an hour before going to bed is a good idea. To have peace on the top floor of your head means a lot, but isn´t always easy. Make sure to log off mobile and email in good time before going to bed, to avoid your brain from starting to do the planning for the next day or speculating about the past or future. Further an easy meditation of about 5 to 10 minutes can help you to calm down and land in yourself. Remind you to find peace here and now. Beyond all this I like to have a rough plan of tomorrow by writing down what I have to do. In this way I place it on paper, instead of in my head.

Is there a connection between physical activity and sleep quality?
No doubt about that! Sleep is of the utmost importance for almost everything. Even more important than training, although one affects the other. Working out gives you good sleep, but quality sleep makes your workout better and more efficient. It´s during sleep that both your brain and body get time to restore, recover and rebuild your body after the toll of the day.

"Most people think you build strength while training,
but the magic happens between the sessions
– when you are sleeping well, eating and resting.
It´s especially during a good night´s sleep you get more fit."

What does a good bed mean to you?
I need a cool and dark bedroom and a good bed is absolutely vital for me. I can´t stop telling people how important it is to invest in your bed. The only disadvantage is that I only want to sleep in a Jensen bed now that I´m used to it. I wasn´t aware of how much my former bed could affect my sleep comfort negatively. Having a bed of high quality helps me to fall asleep, I feel so rested and get rid of distress, discomfort and aches.
If you sleep better, you feel better.
And as we now know; a good night´s sleep is the basis for everything else.

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