Adjustable freedom

Once you have tried an adjustable bed, you will probably not want to go back to a regular bed. An adjustable bed gives you greater freedom. Never before has it been this comfortable to read, eat breakfast, watch television or surf the web. A single click on your remote control gives you the desired bed position. 

Sleep with optimal comfort and support

Injuries, strain from workouts or other temporary pains are all examples of when your body can benefit from customizable sleep comfort. Our adjustable beds can adapt to your body’s unique contours and provide targeted support to different parts of your body. This promotes better spinal alignment and reduces pressure points. It is also particularly beneficial if you struggle with back pain or circulation issues.

If you snore, or have a partner who does, adjustable beds can offer a simple but effective solution. By slightly elevating the top end of your bed, it helps the airways to remain more open and reduces the likelihood of snoring. This can be the difference between nights of tossing and turning, and peaceful uninterrupted sleep.

Level up your bedroom with Jensen

Aside from customizable sleep, your adjustable bed also gives you the possibility to use your bedroom in new ways. Make your preferred adjustments and enjoy your breakfast, read or watch TV with comfort that is simply on another level.  

Jensen Lean 

Jensen Lean represents the latest in bed design and adjustable technology. The low base gives an elegant impression while our new Ease-concept provides unique qualities in durability, easy care and sleep comfort that adapts to your body. All in all, Jensen Lean does wonders for your bedroom, and for your sleep. Learn more about our adjustable beds here