Sleep well, wake up refreshed and have a productive day!

Sleeping well is one of the most important factors in getting the most out of life and enjoying every day. Do you not sleep well at night? Then you are not alone. Indeed, having trouble sleeping is one of the most common and largest health problems of our time. Thankfully, various solutions are available.

While sleeping our immune system is restored and our central nervous system activated. Poor sleeping makes you sluggish and negatively affects not only your memory, but also your mood. In other words: sleeping problems are 24-hour problems, because a bad night automatically leads to a bad day. A well-established link exists between poor sleeping and numerous other widespread diseases, such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and obesity. Fatigue also significantly increases the risk of accidents, and is one of the most common causes of traffic accidents, for example.

Getting enough sleep at regular times is essential for an active and healthy life. Many people underestimate the importance of sleep and think that they can get more done if they stay awake longer, but they are wrong. Someone who sleeps eight hours gets more done than someone who sleeps only four. So take the time to sleep and sleep at regular times - seven days a week!

It's all about quality sleep

Waking up fresh and well rested in the morning depends mainly on the quality of your night's sleep. Indeed, quality is more important than quantity. So we must not only try to get the ideal number of hours' sleep, we must also lie on a surface that moulds perfectly to our body. A range of beds is available, but whether you prefer a continental, an adjustable, a reversible bed or a frame, your new bed must perfectly support your body and keep your spine as straight as possible. The bed must follow your body and offer the right amount of firmness to allow your body to rest. So take plenty of time to try out various beds in the store.

25 percent of your sleep is deep sleep, 25 percent is dream sleep and 50 percent is light sleep. As you wake up easiest from a light sleep, it is advised to know when this takes place. If you normally wake up at seven o'clock, but you always feel groggy, it may well be that you are still in your deep sleep. Then try waking up half an hour to try to find your light sleep.

Exercise and relaxation

To sleep better at night it is also important to move during the day. Being physically active during your waking hours will help you sleep better.
Around two hours before going to bed, however, start to relax and wind down, for example by reading a book.
In general, people in Germany sleep in bedrooms that are too warm, so try to find the right temperature for your bedroom. For most people,16 to 18 degrees is ideal.

Finally, it is important that young people develop good sleeping habits at an early age, establishing a basis for a better life. A great night's sleep on an ideal surface is the recipe for waking up refreshed and being able to take on the whole world.

A passion for craftsmanship

A passion for craftsmanship

Sleep expertise.

Sleep expertise.