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Down Sleep Socks

Keeping your body at the right temperature is vital for good sleep health. If you get too hot or cold, your ability to unwind and fall asleep is lowered. It also makes you more likely to toss and turn, which impacts your overall sleep health.

Keeping your feet warm enough not only improves your sleep health, it also improves blood circulation. Treat your feet to additional warmth and softness with our sleep socks. Covered in a soft and durable shelter, they have been stuffed with white duck down for ultimate comfort. The timeless design has a lightweight feel and is universally made to fit everyone in the family.

> Wash at up to 40°C. Do not tumble dry.
> Cover made of 100% cotton and filled with down
> Unisex design


  • 34-36
  • 37-39
  • 40-43
  • 44-47

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