It's a new year. Time to recharge your sleeping habits.

New year, new you? Whatever the next 365 days hold, sleeping is essential for your well-being. Just like you want your phone to be at 100 percent in the morning, your body should also be recharged to meet a new day. Or a new year. 

Let’s make every minute of sleep count with a Jensen bed.

Get back to 100, starting with consistency.

Our bodies are smart and easily adopt to new patterns. One way to optimize your sleep is to aim for consistency. It improves the body’s repair process each night, both physically and mentally. Going to sleep and waking up at the same time every day, even on weekends, could actually prevent mental health issues and depression. There are a few tricks you can use to achieve a healthy daily rhythm.

5 tips for a healthy sleep habit

Declutter to destress.

Make sure your bedroom is a space for recovery and relaxation. Start with eliminating the clutter (invest in clever storage!) and enhance what makes you feel good. Wall colour is key and shades of cream and cocoa creates a warming, tranquil energy. By adding different textures, fluffy cushions and layers of fabrics, but also soft lighting, you will instantly bring a feeling of coziness.

Select smart bed features. 

The optimal temperature for every bedroom is between 16–18 degrees. As the weather changes it can be a challenge to keep the temperature steady inside. As a result you might wake up several times a night because you feel too warm or cold. Knowing how vital the right temperature is for sleep quality, we have developed the Jensen TempSmart™ mattress topper, mattress protection and pillow. Made with innovative materials and fabrics, the technology uses millions of microcapsules that constantly adapt to your body by absorbing, storing or releasing body heat as required – creating a perfect environment for sleep comfort.

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Invite the new, clean out the old.

Our final advice on how to recharge your sleeping habits for the new year actually involves a small effort from you. Investing a little time to take care of your bed is a conscious choice that will pay off in many ways. By regularly cleaning the bed you prolong it’s lifespan which is important for the climate, but you also create a fresh and healthy sleep environment. So let’s invite the new by cleaning out the old, here’s how to best maintain your bed.

Clean your bed – here’s how


A passion for craftsmanship

A passion for craftsmanship

Sleep expertise.

Sleep expertise.