Prolong the life span of the bed by performing good maintenance

On average, we spend about one third of our lives in bed, while the majority of us also ensure that our bedclothes are regularly laundered. However, many people fail to realise that a bed also requires continuous, thorough attention. Sound maintenance of your bed helps prolong its life span, while also improving your own chances of both sleeping well and retaining your health.

Retain the quality and appearance of your bed

Jensen beds are fitted with mattresses made of elastic materials, which adapt to the contours of your body. In order to retain the stretch, appearance and softness of the mattress topper, you need to plump up and turn it regularly, so that the stuffing does not turn lumpy. Do not hesitate to swap the foot and head ends and top and bottom around, too. It is also worthwhile vacuum cleaning and plumping up the mattress topper every time you change the bedclothes. Take care to avoid exposing the stuffing to heat sources and direct sunlight.

Reversible main mattresses should be turned vertically and horizontally three or four times a year. Twice a year, you should also remove all the bedclothes and vacuum clean the main mattress thoroughly.

Jensen mattress protection

Prolong the life span of the mattress by fitting a quality mattress topper cover

Prevent moisture from entering the bed, otherwise the stuffing may shrink and microbial growth could occur which causes allergic reactions. The stuffing used in Jensen mattresses actively assists in expelling moisture from the bed. You should therefore refrain from making up your bed first thing each morning, instead turning down the covers to allow the bed to air and any moisture/perspiration from the previous night to evaporate.

Get into the habit of immediately removing any moisture or stains from the mattresses, before they have a chance to soak in. You may also opt to provide the mattress with the best possible protection, by purchasing a quality mattress topper cover. The Jensen SoftProtect help keep your bed clean, while simultaneously minimising the occurrence of microbial growth and dust mites and retaining ultimate comfort.

Wash your mattresses properly

Jensen uses only quality furniture fabrics for the sides of its beds. You can clean these fabrics using a damp cloth and mild detergent. Mattress toppers and the covers on the Nordic, the frames and the reversible mattresses are both detachable and dividable, while they can be machine washed at 60 °C. Please first ensure that the drum on your washing machine has sufficient capacity to accommodate the covers. As the mattress topper covers are manufactured using high quality fibres, which absorb large quantities of water, overheating and shrinkage may occur if your washing machine drum is too small. If you have any doubt, we would advise you to have the covers dry cleaned. After washing, the covers should be fully extended while wet, then immediately hung up to dry, otherwise they may become discoloured.


•    Change and launder the bedclothes at least once every week-and-a-half
•    Vacuum clean the mattress topper whenever you change the bedclothes
•    Protect the mattress topper by fitting a Jensen SoftProtect
•    Remove stains immediately
•    Do not make up your bed first thing each morning, but turn down the covers and allow the bed to air

A passion for craftsmanship

A passion for craftsmanship

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Sleep expertise.