How to achieve an optimal daily rhythm

More than a third of all Scandinavians have some kind of sleep problem. This is often caused by their internal clock being out of sync. This is affected by exposure to light, the way to a healthier daily rhythm is through regulating how much or little light you are exposed to, and when. Here are some simple tips that will allow you to achieve a better daily rhythm.

Today we are surrounded by light almost around the clock, which means that the shifts between light and dark are less pronounced. In order for you to function in the best way possible, you should switch between daylight (or light in any case) and dark at the same time each day. This allows the body to follow a healthy 24-hour rhythm. Here are five tips to help create a healthy daily rhythm which will make your nights better and allow you to perform better during the day.

1. Get into regular habits and stick to them.

Have fixed times for going to bed and waking up, eating breakfast, taking a walk in daylight and eating an evening meal 

2. Sleep less, but better.

Try sleeping less for a period to avoid lying awake in bed. If, after this, your sleep is more uninterrupted, try going to bed slightly earlier every night until you get into a good sleep rhythm

3. Use the dark!

One hour before bedtime you should dim the lighting and turn off all screens such as TVs, computers, e-readers and smartphones. The light tricks the brain into believing it is day. You enhance the body’s daily rhythm if you use the night to sleep, and the sooner you fall asleep, the better!

4. Use the light!

Turn on the light in the morning, open the curtains and take an early walk in the daylight. This will give your body’s internal clock a good start to the day.

5. De-stress

Remove the stresses of everyday life in different ways. Prepare for the following morning by putting out clothes and packing a backpack or case. Rest and read a book or browse a newspaper. A shower or a massage can also work wonders.

A passion for craftsmanship

A passion for craftsmanship

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Sleep expertise.