Dreamhouse in Sicily – Palazzo Cirillo

In 2017 Marie Olsson Nylander and her husband bought Palazzo Cirillo, a 300 year old Palazzo in Sicily. A huge renovation project, that we all can take part in through the very popular TV series produced by SVT – Swedish National Broadcasting.

- How important is the bedroom in a home?

I love to sleep late, and to relax in the bedroom when I need a peaceful break. The bedroom is really one of the most important rooms in a home. It doesn´t have to be large, the essential things are that it is dark and quiet when going to sleep.

What makes a bedroom pleasant? Colours, light, furniture, bed?

The bed is essential. I myself have a Jensen Bed, that I look forward to sleep in every night. The bed just has to be comfortable.

Bed linen and textiles are really important to me. Beautiful bed linen, pillows and bedspread create the atmosphere. You need a practical and nice reading lamp, if you read in bed, something I never do myself. A nice ceiling lamp or chandelier with a soft light, that adds to a calm atmosphere, can help you into a restful mode. A tidy bedroom contributes to the feeling of tranquility, necessary for good sleep.

You and your family are in the midst of a giant renovation project that we have the pleasure of being part of in the TV series “House of your Dreams on Sicily”. Tell us about it.

I love Sicily, because it´s still an untouched pearl. It´s not overcrowded, destroyed by mass tourism or spoilt in any way. Everything here is very authentic and genuine.

These values are very apparent in the house we bought and now renovate. We are trying to make something eternal, to preserve the hundreds of years of history and the atmosphere that comes with this beautiful palazzo. We have recently created an absolutely beautiful garden, and you can follow the entire process in the second season of the TV – series. It was a comprehensive project, and we just love it. It is a unique garden, and very rare to have a garden with such a house at all!

How important was it to get enough rest and sleep during such a huge project?

I mostly get so tired that I just dive into bed at night! Doing hard physical labor makes me sleep well. If I have too little to do I get anxious and restless, and it even ruins my sleep. However, it is very helpful to have a bed of top-notch quality that makes me look forward to go to bed every night. It definitely has to do with acquiring the best sleep comfort possible.

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A passion for craftsmanship

A passion for craftsmanship

Sleep expertise.

Sleep expertise.