Quality stamps from independent tests ensures safer bed purchases.
The quality stamps given by the neutral test center Goodnight's Sleep Labs is a safety guarantee when buying bed. In the company’s Swiss lab Jensen beds are tested systematically in ergonomics, hygiene, climate and durability. The beds are also tested and evaluated by the institute's own test group to ensure that you as a consumer are making a safe choice.

To give as good guidance as possible to bed buyers worldwide, one needs to take into account people's different needs and preferences in the testing process of the beds. Lying positions varies in different cultures and from person to person. For example, in Asia people generally chooses firmer mattresses while Scandinavians prefer softer sleep comfort.

Thoroughly tested beds 

Goodnight's SleepLab cooperate with AEH Institute, a Swiss technology institute, which specializes in work life, health and ergonomics. Here Jensen beds are tested thoroughly. Beds undergo four different types of tests and they are also tried and evaluated by the institute's own test group.

The test focuses on sleep comfort features and the bed's ability to provide support for the body.

A mattress should be able to last a few years, see guarantee. We're testing to ensure durability.

Hygiene test queries the beds ability to prevent bacteria, fungi, mites and odors, as a clean and fresh bed environment is the foundation for a good and safe sleep.

Tests of air transportation, moisture transportation and temperature regulation determines whether the beds temperature and ventilation measure is sufficient.

Right bed to the right consumer

For our beds to get this quality stamp all tests must be passed. This means that you as a consumer can easily find out how to get good quality for you money.

The ergonomics, hygiene, bed climate and durability test criteria have been defined by the AEH, together with Hilding Anders, and the corresponding tests have been set out.