Spring systems for better sleep.

Ever since the start in 1947, we have worked to give you the best quality of sleep you can get. Our beds are built to give you just the right support and comfort, so you can sleep longer without having to wake up and change your sleeping position. A crucial factor for the mattress' sleeping comfort is the spring system.

Jensen Pocket on Pocket Technology.  

An improved spring system in all layers of the bed opens a new world in sleep comfort, and helps you wake up completely rested. Your body sinks deeper into the mattress and receives the right support to increase the quality of your sleep. The pockets in the lower spring section provide stable comfort without any disturbing sideways movement.

Spring system in reversible mattresses. 

All our reversible mattresses contain a spring system which ensures optimal sleep comfort for each of the various product levels – Jensen Aloy®, Jensen Support and Jensen Reflect. More information on these spring systems and how they help to improve your sleep quality can be found below.


Jensen Aloy® 2.1

Our best and most flexible spring system, continuously adapting to your sleeping position and weight distribution. The spring system softens the entire mattress surface, since the firmer zones only come into function when your body sinks into the mattress. Did you know that the shoulder joint is the most flexible of the body, and that this area is the one most exposed to injuries? This unstable joint is constantly exposed to pressure, especially if you sleep on your side. That is why we are launching Aloy ® 2.1. The secret is an upgraded Aloy® spring system, with an extra soft shoulder zone – giving your shoulders plenty of space.

Jensen Support

A spring system where each spring is wrapped in a fabric bag (pocket) which allows each spring to works individually, thereby creating a more even distribution of pressure. Jensen Support Pocket in the lower spring section means stable sleep comfort and excellent side stability.

Jensen Reflect

Each spring is wrapped in a fabric bag (pocket), which allows it to work individually and ensures a more even distribution of pressure. Jensen Reflect Pocket in the lower spring section enables the body to sink deeper into the mattress and that helps to distribute the pressure more evenly