Sleep well with a thermo regulating pillow

A good night’s sleep is a requirement for better health. To sleep well you need a well-adjusted bed and a good pillow that ensures a harmonious sleep throughout the night. Jensen TempSmart™ is a pressure-relieving and thermo-regulating pillow that shapes optimally after your head and balances the temperature fluctuations when you sleep. 

Superb sleep requires good relaxation and with a fluffy pillow in your finest pillowcase, your bed can become irresistible. We often sleep restlessly because of too high or too low temperatures with sweating or shivering as a result. The restless sleep makes us tired and not ready to face a new day. 

Check your pillows and consider if you sleep at a comfortable temperature. A well- functioning pillow can create a buffer against overheating or coldness. Therefor switching your pillow can improve both your sleep and the hours you are awake. 

Jensen TempSmart™ pillow features thermo regulation that actively balances the temperature changes that can cause a bad night’s sleep. This innovative technology consists of millions of microcapsules adapting constantly to your skin’s microclimate by absorbing, storing or releasing surplus body heat. These microcapsules form a buffer against overheating/perspiration as well as against getting cold/shivering. The result is a perfect body-temperature management that keeps you in the comfort zone and guarantees optimal sleep comfort. TempSmart™ pillow is therefore ideal for anyone who has trouble maintaining a constant body temperature throughout the night.

Jensen TempSmart™ is filled with thousands of fiber balls that shape to your head. You adjust the height and springiness of the pillow by removing the filling until you have the perfect support for your head and shoulders. The fiber balls maintain their resilience for a long time and endure many washes. If the pillow collapses after being washed, simply shake it a few times and it will soon regain its normal shape. Jensen TempSmart™can be washed in a washing machine at 60°C and can also be tumble-dried. 

Remember that the most important is that you pillow fills the gap between your shoulders and neck. Choose a good pillow instead of more average pillows. With a pressure-relieving and thermo- regulating pillow such as PerfectPillow, you no longer have to change sleeping position and you will have a well-tempered and harmonious sleep. The whole night.