In the search for the Norwegian DNA it was made clear early that diversity, creativity, diligence and pride has permeated through generations in Norway. The result is a series of Norwegian wool textiles made with respect and love of the Norwegian craft techniques and expressions. A little piece of Norway in a global context, came to life.

As a basic colour we have chosen a dark blue colour, Midnight Blue.

With the eight petal rose pattern as the red thread, the textiles have taken shape. A layered pattern took shape to give an experience of the lushness that is mirrored in the Norwegian textile tradition while also protecting new Norwegian design.

Corner seams and folding seams in two colours; red and white, that together with the blue textile has taken inspiration from the Norwegian flag. The headboard in blue has decorative wooden buttons sewn on with red thread. Legs in oak that was given an extra element in the shape of knitted socks in red and white.

The outside of the bed is packed with exciting details from a rich traditional Norwegian crafts tradition, the inside has the same height that you might expect from a Jensen product. Jensen Aloy 16 cm is the core of the comfort in addition to Innergetic Latex.

The beds top layer is a beautiful mattress topper, Star Rose, inspired by traditional knitted pattern based on star roses with a core of the softest and the best latex available.