European survey: People buying a new bed seek health and comfort

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When buying a new bed, we seek comfort – and not only when sleeping. While one can imagine students in small, rented flats spending their entire time at home in bed sleeping, studying, eating and watching TV, this turns out to be the habit for a wider part of the population as well, a survey shows.

When it comes to buying a new bed, health and comfort are the two main factors for most people, according to a survey conducted by Market Clinic on behalf of Jensen beds. To prevent or relieve back/neck pain is the main consumer need (48 percent). While this is not surprising, it is interesting to note that 41 percent of participants emphasise the need for a bed that is also comfortable for reading, watching TV and working.

However, a bed designed for quality sleep is not an ergonomically ideal workspace, as long as it remains horizontal. That is why we recommend an adjustable bed that makes it comfortable to sit and read, eat breakfast, watch television or surf the web. A single click on the remote control gives you the desired bed position, and you can even adjust the bed with an app on your mobile. This makes it possible to spend hours sitting in bed, while the spine and neck is being properly supported.

The integrated headrest function on the adjustable bed Jensen Supreme Aqtive II ensures that your your head and neck is in the right position while sitting upright in the bed. [Download high resolution image]

The importance of sleep comfort

We spend on average 15.6 weeks sleeping every year. Quality sleep is crucial if we are to be able to get the most out of life, and it is no surprise that sleep comfort and prevention of back/neck pain is top priority for people looking to buy a new bed. Apart from sleeping the right number of hours, we also need to sleep on a bed perfectly adapted to our individual bodies.

Jensen’s products are manufactured to provide maximum body support and sleep comfort. The search for optimal sleep comfort is the driving force for the innovations that have made Jensen so famous within its sector. Over the years, a whole range of new pressurereducing materials and constructions have borne the Jensen hallmark. A system of springs divided into zones is one of many examples, as is further optimisation of the zone system using stretch fabrics.

Scandinavian design and craftmanship

The survey also shows that the design of the bed is more important than it being easy to clean, is low in allergens or keeps a stable temperature. As a statement piece of furniture that we spend so many hours in – both awake and asleep – we want it to fit the interior style of our home.


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Jensen beds are made in Norway, a testament to the fact that our products are held to the highest standards of quality and represent the very best of Scandinavian design. [Download high resolution image]

About the survey

Data was collected in five countries, to be able to build a European segmentation model: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland and France. The participants were placed in eight segments based on life stage. The survey shows that the importance of different needs varies between segments, and their personality and category attitude also play an important role. There are three segments we want to highlight:

The segment Health Hunters (sleep enthusiasts with back pain concerns, aged 25-29 and 50+) look for a bed to help prevent or relieve back/neck pain. This group strive to live a healthy life, and think it is important to get enough hours of sleep.

Family Organisers (organised and active super mum/dad, aged 30- 49) primarily want a bed where they can sleep comfortably together with partner and children. For this group the bed is the most important piece of furniture in the house. It should look good, in addition to being comfortable.

The Luxury Seekers (mature and design oriented aged 50+) seek a bed where they do not disturb the partner when moving around. They think the bed is an important part of the furniture in the home and should also look good and give a feeling of luxury. They think basic products are good enough, are price conscious and care less about design and health.

With an emphasis on sleep comfort, Jensen beds has been producing and designing beds in Norway since 1947. Providing maximum body support is the driving force behind ground-breaking innovations for the perfect night’s sleep. Offering materials inspired by nature, meticulous craftsmanship and timeless design, our world-class beds meet the highest standards. Jensen beds is part of Hilding Anders Group, a leading global bedding and mattress group with a strong heritage and 160 years of industry experience. The group was established in 1939 and has its headquarters in Malmö.

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