Smart compact-living tips for small bedrooms

The fact that you have little living space no longer implies that you have to get rid of some of your favourite items. The concept of compact living offers smart solutions, pleasing details and a guaranteed personal result. Turn your bedroom into a place where it is equally pleasant to fall sleep and to wake up.

The concept of compact living apparently originates from Japan, where people have been making highly efficient use of their tiny homes since as early as the thirteenth century. Then in the nineteen-nineties, when the younger generation of Japanese simply lacked the resources to pay the rapidly rising prices of floor space in the country’s major cities, the concept was reintroduced and quickly became quite trendy. The younger generation moved out to the suburbs, where they proceeded to build homes on lots no larger than a parking space. And although we no longer have to adopt to this radical approach nowadays, we can nevertheless use it as a source of inspiration for new ideas in the area of interior design – particularly in the bedroom.

Leading role for the bed

In the area of the home in which we rest, the leading role should always be set aside for the bed. After a long, hard day, the opportunity to lie back and immerse yourself in the optimal comfort offered by the highest quality of breathable materials is simply invaluable. Storage space, a place to sit and a pleasant ambience are also crucial factors in adapting a room to suit your personal requirements. We are therefore pleased to offer a few tips which are worth considering before you take the plunge into the jungle of bedroom furniture.

Ceiling height a determining factor

Consider the possibilities that the room offers: if there is little space, then it is prudent to weigh up the pros and cons of various bed dimensions. If you opt for a bed 160 cm wide, then it leaves more space for other items. If the room has a sloping ceiling, then you may want to compare various sizes of headboard. The Jensen Landscape headboard enables you to create a pleasant atmosphere, regardless of the confines of a low ceiling. If you have a ceiling of normal height, however, then there are various lengths of leg to choose from, with a view to creating storage space beneath the bed.

Creative storage which does not occupy any additional space

One can never have too much storage space, so why not combine it with seating in your bedroom? If you opt for the Jensen ottoman, then you need only lift the seat to reveal a compartment in which to store your collection of high heels or your favourite jeans. And why not turn it into an attractive extension of your bed, too, by purchasing both in the same upholstery?

Nowadays, the bedroom is so much more than simply a place to sleep: it is an intrinsic part of your lifestyle. Therefore, create a highly appealing environment in which to both start and end your day.

A passion for craftsmanship

A passion for craftsmanship

Sleep expertise.

Sleep expertise.