Increase the cosy factor in your bedroom with the right accessories

A cosier bedroom is always worth striving for to make it easier to sleep. In addition, the bedroom can very well be the most beautiful room in the house where you can find peace, recharge your energy and cherish your love. Decorate luxuriously and extravagantly or simple and stylish. No matter the direction you choose, it is wise to start by choosing the right accessories to your bed.

Considering good sleep is a prerequisite for good health and a good mood, the bedroom should be the calmest place in the home where it is easy to feel harmony and relaxation. The harmony can be found underway if the bedroom is supplemented with a touch of everyday luxury, where the bed has extra good sleeping comfort and where the interior is picked with care.

Let yourself be inspired by others interior tips

What suits your bed and personality best is of course a matter of taste, and before making changes, it could be a good idea to gain inspiration from magazines, online or tips from friends and colleges. Place inspiring photos on a table and try to find a line to start with. Of course, there is an indefinite number of interior styles to pick between, but a good tip is to start with the bed you have or wish you had and then choose bed accessories that match.

Accessories that makes the difference

Choose a bed side table you can personalise by arranging a small still life of things you like right now - perhaps your chosen book, a stack of interesting magazines and a glass of water. In the Jensen concept, Jensen Nordic Line, the consumer is given the option to combine adapted beds with specially chosen accessories elected to match the beds particularly well. Here are among others, new add- on bed side tables that enhances the beds expression in a nice way. It consists of a base in black powder-lacquered steel that is secured on the bedframe and gives the impression that the bed side table floats freely.

Another accessory that makes a big difference is beautiful headboards with exiting patterns and design. In Nordic Line, you will find exclusive textile covered headboards in different sizes, giving a floating impression. If you choose a headboard in textile, it is nearly always nicest when the textile on the bed and headboard is the same.

Choose correct bed legs and reading lamp

Even choosing bed legs is important to changing the bedroom, and there are as a rule many different styles to choose between. Tall and short, cylindrical and square, wide and narrow that may be made in black powder-lacquered steel or white washed oak. To finish, the bed should be equipped with at least one pretty and practical reading lamp. It is advantageous if the lamp is flexible so that you can choose were you want light. To easier control the beam, you should think about choosing a lamp with two movable joints.

Less is more

At last, reinforce the bedroom feeling with stylish pillows, bedlinens and blankets. Feel free to replace colours and patterns for the season. However, remember that the bedroom should first and foremost be calming. Too many ornaments and impressions can steal energy and feel stressful. Try avoiding stables of clothing and magazines, as far it is possible. Think “less is more” and decorate your bedroom with colours, lightning and accessories you thrive optimally in, so that you get a good night sleep every night. You also get to know the feeling one gets as one wakes up ready to go and rested as the morning sun streams into your beautiful bedroom.

A passion for craftsmanship

A passion for craftsmanship

Sleep expertise.

Sleep expertise.