Celebration – worth celebrating - Jensen marks 75 years with its most environmentally friendly bed

Jensen has its roots in charming Svelvik, by the Drammensfjord outside Oslo, where they have produced beds since 1947. Their 75 years anniversary is celebrated with the launch of a new, innovative and environmentally friendly bed with the appropriate name; “Celebration”. 

The bed «Celebration» is characterized by clean Scandinavian lines and design. The comfortable textiles combine innovation and sustainability, with a thicker texture, being an ethical alternative to sheep’s skin, and providing much of the same feeling. The thick chenille is soft and comfortable, and consists of 94 % recycled polyester and 6 % recycled cotton. The textiles are durable and soft at the same time, and consist of 100 % polyester, where 53 % is recycled.

Jensen Celebration comes with an oversized headboard, that is broader than the bed itself and makes it the centre piece of the bedroom. The size of the headboard is 105x255 cm. It is placed on legs, the reason why it is in line with the mattress and doesn´t touch the floor.

The legs are Flying Optics and make the bed look as if it is floating in air, with a height of 14 cm. The Ad-On Black bedside table is a perfect match to this elegant style, and is attached to the bed for a modern, Scandinavian look. 

Nordic Swan Ecolabel and sustainability

All Jensen´s products are Swan Labelled, the official, Nordic Ecolabel with the highest demands to materials, production, chemicals and recycling. 

The wood we use in our bed frames is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), ensuring sustainable sourcing and processing, and the metal is recycled. Surfaces of wood, metal or textiles are treated without the use of harmful chemicals. In addition, textiles are recyclable. The beds are AEH-tested regarding ergonomics, hygiene and durability at the Swiss test centre Good Night´s SleepLabs.

Did you know that you sleep … 

• 1/3 of your life
• 7,5 hours a day
• 229 hours a month
• 1,3 weeks a month
• 2 745 hours a year
• 15,6 weeks a year

The bedroom environment is more important than you think

Temperature: We sleep the best at 16-18°C.
Air: Clean and fresh air.
Light: As dark as possible.
Sound: As calm and quiet as possible.
Humidity: Approximately 45-55 %.

The sleep that makes your day

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