Adjusting back to earlier mornings when school starts

Bedtime for children and young people tends to be later during the holidays, so returning to everyday routines and early school starts is challenging. Fortunately, help is available as we’ve listed a few tips here to help you get your child back into a good night's sleep routine.

Anyone who has experienced tired school children struggling to stay focused and in a good mood during the day understands the importance of them getting a good night’s sleep. Now that many children recently have needed to be home schooled, parents have seen with their own eyes the impact poor sleep can have on their children. Jensen knows how a good bed can positively affect sleep quality. There are many important processes going on while we sleep, and with the right mattress our bodies are given an opportunity to relax and recharge before a new day. Beds with good sleeping comfort are an important investment in good sleep and health.

Jensen can contribute with the best possible sleep comfort but there are also some other habits that can help to steer children's sleeping habits in a positive direction:

• It takes some time to change the circadian rhythm from holiday mode to early mornings. Consequently, take it step by step in the last days before school starts by putting your children to bed and waking him/ her up 15 minutes earlier each day.

• Avoid changing bedtimes on weekends - according to sleep experts, the circadian rhythm must be unchanged otherwise it will be difficult to wake up in time for school on Mondays.

• Children's circadian rhythms get better if they are exposed to sunlight for at least half an hour every morning. This as they become more active during the day and sleep better at night.

• Regular routines around bedtime mean children associate these activities with sleep. Include things that make them relax such as taking a warm shower.

• Avoid using LCD monitors in the last hours before bedtime. This as they stimulate brain activity, and the blue light reduces the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. In other words, children become less sleepy when watching a screen.

• A healthy diet also provides better sleep. Cut down on sugar and caffeine, which make it harder to fall asleep.

Adults can also follow these tips – be a sleep role model for your child.

On a final note, it can also be mentioned that Nordic beds from Jensen give children choices and function as very practical furniture for storage. Also, single beds can be combined with extra high and wide headboards and other accessories in the Jensen range. 

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