The planet is not renewable, so we have to be.

This is not just any Monday. June 5th is when we celebrate the World Environment Day. At Jensen Beds, we do everything with a passion for sleep health – but what’s the point if the planet is not doing well? Ever since the start in 1947, we have cared for sustainability. In the early decades, our focus was mainly on the long-lasting quality of our beds. However, as awareness for the planet grew, so did our ambition to produce the most environmentally friendly beds possible.

Today, we are proud to offer the largest collection of beds carrying the Nordic Swan Ecolabel – a world leading sustainability label. Read more about our commitment to people and planet here. We wish you a happy world environment day!

Designing circularity.

The planet demands us to be smarter when it comes to how we use its resources, and beds are no exception. Our circular design approach ensures that our beds and accessories have an extended life cycle without compromising quality. For example, we include a five-year full guarantee and a 25-year guarantee against frame or spring breakage on all our beds. 

Made with care. 

We strive to use only recyclable and reusable textiles in our beds. Our fabrics carrying the Green Care and Easy Care labels have 75 percent less CO2 emissions compared to virgin polyester. Learn how these eco-friendly fabrics provide comfort while minimizing environmental impact. 

Learn more about how we make quality beds with a reduced footprint.

Certified and Sustainable Wood.

The wood used in our bed frames is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®), guaranteeing sustainable and responsible sourcing. This commitment contributes to the preservation of forests and supports social benefits through responsible wood procurement.

Less Waste, More Recycling 

We continuously strive to reduce waste in our production processes. We minimise waste by ordering fabrics in special sizes and implementing recycling practices for various materials.

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Nordic Swan Ecolabelled since 2006. 

We take great pride in having the largest collection of beds carrying the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Explore how our beds, textiles, and accessories meet stringent environmental requirements throughout their entire lifespan. 

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Wake up fully rested – to a greener world. 

Whether you want to learn how our beds improve your sleep quality, find information about the benefits of sleep in general, or explore our sustainability initiatives, you can find everything at


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