You can sleep extra well in our beds.

We are constantly working to reduce our climate footprint. For example by developing production methods that have an even lower impact on the environment. We still make our beds in Norway - just as we have done since 1947 - and whenever possible we always use materials from local suppliers. We also want to contribute to reducing consumption by creating beds that last longer and give you quality sleep for many, many years. Below you can read more about our quality and environmental labels as well as the guarantees we give to everyone who chooses a bed from us at Jensen.

The Nordic Swan – as much a stamp of quality as an eco-label. 

The Nordic Swan is the Nordic region's official eco-label, with the vision of creating a sustainable society. By choosing a bed with the Nordic Swan, you make an active choice for social, economic and environmental sustainability. To qualify for the label, our beds are tested on the basis of strict requirements concerning the environmental impact throughout the product's life cycle - from raw materials, production methods, quality and to recycling. In cases where we use suppliers, they must also live up to the Nordic Ecolabel requirements. The Swan is also one of the world's strictest when it comes to limiting chemicals that can be dangerous to health and environment. Every year, the requirements get increasingly tough, which places demands on us as bed manufacturers to constantly become even better in our sustainability work.

Up to 25 years guarantee on all our beds.

All Jensen beds are supplied with a 5-year full guarantee and a 25-year guarantee against frame or spring breakages. The detailed terms and conditions can be found in the guarantee certificate issued with your bed. Download Jensen Guarantee and Care Instructions

Bed frames from sustainable forestry. 

The majority of our wooden bed frames are certified according to FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council). This means that the wood used in the bed is the result of sustainable and controlled forestry with regards to both the local population and the environment.

Tolerances in our bed production. 

Our beds are made of elastic and movable materials. This means that the lengths and widths of the beds, mattresses and mattress toppers can vary slightly. However, we guarantee that the variation stays within narrow margins. See below for information on the specific dimensions of different types of mattresses and beds.

Reversible mattresses and mattress toppers:
Lenght: ± 2cm
Width: Sizes up to and including 90cm ± 1cm
Sizes above 90cm ± 2cm

Nordic beds and continental bases:
Wooden bed frames ± 2mm

Otherwise, Nordic beds and the continental bases follow the standards described above. These standards are also valid for custom size beds.

A passion for craftsmanship

A passion for craftsmanship

Sleep expertise.

Sleep expertise.