Johannes Thingnes Bø (24) is the proud owner of no less than three gold medals from Biathlon World Championships. Training and recovery go hand-in-hand for this athlete and a good night sleep is very important. To ensure he gets optimal quality rest, the super talent has opted for a Jensen bed.

If you ask Johannes Thingnes Bø how he became one of the best, he refers to two things, training and recovery. Although you have to train hard and a lot, recovery is just as important and his focus on the best possible recovery is one of the reasons why he has become such a successful elite athlete. 

The body regains its strength

Recovery means that you repair the physiological imbalance in the body, which has come about due to training and competition. Elite athletes who exhaust their body physically up to four times a day have to be able to recover properly in order to be successful. More than anything, deep sleep is important for an effective recovery process, and that is only possible if you get optimal quality rest.  

Opted for Jensen

That is why Johannes Thingnes Bø opted to collaborate with Jensen Beds. As a world-class athlete he is particularly dependent on good sleep and high-quality rest, which is why these things are high on his list of priorities. The Jensen mattress ensures that he recovers optimally and is ready for the next training session. 

World class

Johannes Thingnes Bø is currently one of the favourites among the seniors in biathlon. When he was 20, he won his first World Cup competition among the seniors and he did it with style, finishing with a lead of half a minute. In 2014, he was rewarded for this achievement at the Norwegian Sports Gala, with the prize for the biggest breakthrough of the year. Thingnes Bø later won gold three times, silver four times, and bronze twice at world championships. In additions, he finished on the podium at seventeen World Cup competitions. 

Quality rest 

Jensen offers exclusive quality rest, with fantastic support for the sensitive zones of the body, specifically the back, hips, shoulders and neck, regardless of whether your mattress is firm or soft. The motivation behind many of Jensen’s innovations is the goal to find optimal quality rest.


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