Sleep quality should not be a lottery.

Your bed is more than a piece of furniture. It can be the difference between waking up tired – or fully rested and ready for a new day. Understanding your unique sleep preferences and physical requirements is the first step to finding the right bed. 

Body. Bed. Sleep. They are all connected, and in this article we’ll explore in depth what factors you should consider when choosing a bed to make sure it’s the perfect match for your body. Because a bed that caters to your individual needs is the key to better sleep.  At Jensen, we have a complete range of quality beds to meet your needs – whatever they may be. These can be divided into three categories:

Continental beds. 
Experience the luxury of a threelayer bed, offering premium sleep comfort, making every night’s rest a rejuvenating experience. Explore our Continental beds here.


Nordic beds. 
While having a more modest approach, the Nordic bed is still packed with spring technology providing great sleep comfort. Ideal either for integrating with an existing bed frame, or standing on its own legs. This type of bed provides excellent support, despite its slim profile. Explore out Nordic beds here.


Adjustable beds. 
If you seek versatility and enjoy reading, or watching TV in bed - adjustable beds offer unparalleled flexibility, adapting to your every need. Explore our Adjustable beds here.

The importance of mattress firmness. 

Sleep comfort depends not only on the type of bed, but also on its mattress firmness and size. The right mattress supports your entire body, allowing a restful sleep and preventing stiffness and aches. Our range caters to all body types and preferences, ensuring your spine remains aligned, and your sleep undisturbed. And if you can’t settle for a specific firmness, keep the options open with Jensen Exact Comfort adjustment. 

What size do you need? 

The size of your bedroom can sometimes be a limiting factor, but given that you have space, you should aim for a bed measuring at least 90x200 centimeters if you sleep alone and 180x200 centimeters if you share your bed with a partner. How tall you are matters as well, of course. We offer beds with custom measurements, so if you are taller than most people, maybe ten extra centimeters are just what you need. If you have pets or children that like to snuggle up beside you, you should also take this into consideration when deciding the size of your bed.

Ready to find the bed of your dreams? 

Our bed selector takes all of the above factors into account when recommending the perfect bed for your needs. Try it and see for yourself!

A passion for craftsmanship

A passion for craftsmanship

Sleep expertise.

Sleep expertise.