The numerous benefits of a bed finished in wool

Not only is wool a natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre, but you also sleep better if your bedclothes and nightwear contain wool. It should therefore come as no surprise that we at Jensen also opt for wool in the manufacture of our high-end beds.

Wool is a natural fibre which is renewed annually, because it is produced by sheep. Sheep consume a mixture of sunlight, water, air and grass - in the process of simply grazing outdoors. Research has shown that the use of wool in people’s bedclothes and nightwear promotes the process of falling asleep, prolongs the total length of time that they sleep and improves the efficacy of sleep. Furthermore, the temperature regulating effect of wool makes sleeping in a warm bedroom just as effective as doing so in a cool one.

Naturally elegant, soft and hard-wearing

The natural elasticity of its fibres ensure that wool adapts itself to your body, while nevertheless retaining its natural shape. In fact, its resistance is so high that wool can be flexed up to 20,000 times without losing its elasticity, and this also ensures that woollen fabric ages gracefully. Thanks to this high level of flexibility, wool also feels softer to the skin than other fibres. Wool is often slinky and elegant, while it is also available in a vast range of structures and weaves, which makes it a highly popular fabric in the global fashion industry.

Temperature-regulating: delectable, and good for your health at the same time

Thanks to their insulating properties, which keep you snug and warm whenever the bedroom is cold, woollen fabrics have a warming effect. It has a simultaneous moderating and cooling effect, however, because the fabric breathes and reacts to changes in body temperature. Wool can absorb large quantities of moisture, which then evaporate. It also has antibacterial properties, which give you a natural sense of freshness the whole day long.

Low-maintenance, and resistant to both staining and fire

In opting for a bed finished in wool, you automatically benefit from its natural protective properties which prevent the absorption of stains and dirt, not to mention its static resistance, which repels dust and dirt.

Another important property of wool is that it has an inherent chemical structure which renders it flame retardant. In the event of fire, the fibres tend to melt rather than burn, while they release no toxic fumes. Wool is therefore an excellent material for use in public spaces, such as hotels, hospitals, aircraft and theatres.

A passion for craftsmanship

A passion for craftsmanship

Sleep expertise.

Sleep expertise.