Anniken Jørgensen's new Jensen bed

Anniken Jorgensen is among Norway´s largest influencers. She is famous for her clean, Nordic style, both when it comes to interior and fashion. That´s the reason why she chose a Jensen Prestige Continental bed with headboard and the textile Nature 429.

Anniken claims that; «Sleep and a good bed is actually an investment for life”. This is something she has experienced the hard way during a process of moving and renovating the apartment, where she and her boyfriend have slept on mattresses on the floor.

When she picked out her Jensen bed, it was significant for her that the bed is Swan Labelled, one of the strictest environmental certifications in the world. She also emphasized the fact that the bed is produced in Norway, more precisely in the little town of Svelvik, where Jensen has made beds since 1947. She chose the softest and thickest mattress topper, Starrose, and she feels that she´s sleeping on a cloud!

She associates remote control and adjustable beds with the old and sick, but quickly understood that it was a good investment for everyone. Whatever situation. She has suffered from a bad lower back, and with the remote control she can regulate the firmness of the mattress in the hip and back region.

“When I tried the function Jensen Exact Comfort Adjustment for the first time, I almost started crying. I immediately felt the relief for my back and how I from now on would get better quality sleep every night.”

Since Anniken Jorgensen is in favour of a clean, Scandinavian style she chose a bedside table in black. Eicon Tall has a beautiful leather shelf for magazines, and a drawer with a hole for your mobile to charge while you sleep. This bedside table is available in oak, whitewashed and black.

Anniken chose brass legs for her bed, matching the rest of her apartment.

«I love all the beautiful details. The bed isn´t just a bed, but a piece of quality design furniture with elegant seams and stylish details.”

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A passion for craftsmanship

A passion for craftsmanship

Sleep expertise.

Sleep expertise.