Say hello to your bed

It’s Sunday and you’re allowed to sleep later than usual. Still half-asleep, you mumble “head up”. Seconds later, your bed has moved you into your pre-set preferred sitting position, from which you can browse the news and contemplate the day ahead in optimal comfort.

If only a few more words are required to start brewing your morning coffee, to switch on the lights and the radio and to open the curtains, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

We have entered an era in which technology for “smart home” features is experiencing major growth. This home technology is no longer the preserve of technology enthusiasts: the average Norwegian has realised how practical it is to be able to control their heating, electricity, lighting and music from their phone or using their voice.

As of this year, it will be possible to talk to all new adjustable beds from Jensen using simple commands such as “head up”, “head down” and so on. Voice-controlled adjustment of the beds using Alexa, Siri or OK (provided the mobile app is activated) will be possible after this is launched on 1 April. Google Home will be launched in 2019. If you prefer, it is still entirely possible to adjust your bed using the remote control provided or Jensen’s mobile app. 

Jensen has been at the forefront of innovation in the bedroom since 1947. The aim of achieving optimal sleep comfort is the motivation behind the many innovations - including several new pressure-relieving materials, structural solutions and zoned spring systems - that have made Jensen a major player in the industry.

Good morning, bed! Happiness is waking up in a Jensen Prestige Aqtive II adjustable bed, talking to it and being gently manoeuvred into a sitting position.

For more information, please contact:
Malin Lauritzen, PerPR, +47 92 89 77 17,
Nina Stordalen, Hilding Anders Norway AS, +47 33 78 49 46,
High-resolution images can be downloaded here.


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