Jensen Exact Comfort Adjustment – for customized sleeping comfort.

We are constantly developing new technology to give you the best sleep quality we can. Through Jensen Exact Comfort Adjustment, we give you the opportunity to adjust the firmness of your mattress based on your needs as they are right now. In fact, there are many reasons why you may need to adjust your mattress. Going through life, our bodies change and we also experience periods of temporary pain. A few examples are:

– Sore muscles from excercise or physical work.
- Back pain from injuries, or from something as trivial as snow shoveling.
- Recurring  back pain due to monotonous work or poor ergonomics.
– Weight changes due to age, diet and other habits.
– Pregnancy. 

These are some of the most common examples where small adjustments can greatly improve your sleep quality so you get the recovery you need. With Jensen Exact Comfort Adjustment, you can easily change the firmness of the bed with continuous precision. This is a difference you need to experience to fully understand, and exactly the type of feature that makes your bed an investment rather than an expense. With just the push of a button, you can sleep exactly as your body needs. Every night, for the next 10-15 years.

The correct sleeping position. 

To sleep in a way that provides comfortable rest for the whole body and maximum sleep quality, our experts recommend lying on your side or back. If you sleep on your stomach today, you can get used to a new sleeping position with a little exercise. It may take a few nights, but over time you will find that you sleep more peacefully and with better sleep quality, which gives you better benefits from the hours you spend in bed. 


People who sleep on their side. 

If the bed feels too firm, you can lower the mattress in the hip region at the push of the button. If the bed feels too soft you can raise it. If you sleep on your side, our experts recommend that you make minor adjustments to prevent potential back pain.

People who sleep on their stomach.

Sleeping on your stomach can place a strain on your lower back. Exact Comfort Adjustment allows you to reduce this strain by raising the bed. We do not reccommend that  you lower the mattress, since the strain on your lower back is likely to increase.

People who sleep on their back. 

Most people who sleep on their back may experience greater sleep quality by lowering the bed using Exact Comfort Adjustment. Others may be more comfortable by raising the bed.


Flexibility gives better sleep quality.  

Mattress tension is one of the choices you make when buying a new Jensen bed. Most of our springs are available in various tensions, from medium to extra firm. What is right for your bed is determined on the basis of your height, your weight and your desired level of comfort. As mentioned earlier, your body will sometimes benefit from altering the mattress tension temporarily, making it an advantage that your bed can  change according to your needs.

Try Jensen Exact Comfort Adjustment for yourself in your nearest store and experience how it can change your sleeping comfort."

Do you want to know more about our mattresses and the key to a better sleep quality? Click the link for information about our zone system developed for sleep comfort.



A passion for craftsmanship

A passion for craftsmanship

Sleep expertise.

Sleep expertise.