Jensen Prestige Continental Bed

Jensen Prestige has a modern design, and is supplied with exclusive furniture textiles from Beaulieu. These fabrics are both recycled and recyclable. Jensen Prestige has double stitching and beautiful folded hems on the reversible mattress, and a discretely embroidered logo on the lower edge of the bed. The Prestige has a unique sleep comfort with extra soft shoulder zone and double spring support.

In a continental divan set you can experience Jensen sleep comfort at its very best, with Jensen Pocket on Pocket Technology. The bed features double mattresses with three individual Jensen Pocket spring systems. The beds have whole sleeping surfaces, without hard edges in the middle. However, the technology still allows one to choose the degree of firmness individually. By choosing a Seamless textile solution the entire bed frame is covered. Four legs instead of the usual eight contribute to the beds’ new, elegant and unique look.


Choose between soft, medium, firm and extra-firm sleep comfort.


Available in all standard sizes and special sizes can be made to order. 75x200, 75x210, 80x200, 80x210, 90x200, 90x210, 105x200, 105x210, 120x200, 120x210, 140x200, 140x210, 150x200, 150x210, 160x200, 160x210, 180x200, 180x210, 210x200, 210x210

Textiles for Prestige Continental Bed

Nature (429)

Headboard Nature (439)

Light Grey (427)

Headboard Light Grey (437)

Dark Grey (426)

Headboard Dark Grey (436)

Green (428)

Headboard Green (438)

Anthracite (425)

Headboard Anthracite (435)

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Technical specifications

1. Jensen Sleep III
2. Jensen Aloy® 2.1 Pocket 14 cm with Jensen® Original Zone System
3. Cellex XS 4 cm
4. Jensen Support Pocket 12.5 cm / Jensen Reflect Pocket 7 cm


Jensen Aloy® 2.1 Spring

The spring system softens the entire mattress surface, since the firmer zones only come into function when your body sinks into the mattress.

Did you know that the shoulder joint is the most flexible of the body, and that this area is the one most exposed to injuries? This unstable joint is constantly exposed to pressure, especially if you sleep on your side. That is why we are launching Aloy® 2.1. The secret is an upgraded Aloy® spring system, with an extra soft shoulder zone - that gives your shoulders plenty of space.

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