Jensen Supreme Epic Continental Bed

The Jensen Supreme Epic represents the very best of Jensen craftsmanship and innovation. Truly made to stand out, the Jensen Supreme Epic combines a unique design language with materials and technology that provides a new level of sleep comfort.
The sheer height of this bed is a manifestation of its premium quality, giving room for more layers of springs. Our most advanced spring system Aloy® 3.0 together with the Jensen® Original Zone System provides the perfect balance between support and softness. The experience is further enhanced by the inclusion of Jensen Exact Comfort Adjustment, letting you fine tune the firmness of the mattress with just the push of a button.


The Jensen Supreme Epic is a statement of design and quality. The exclusive and patented spring system Jensen Aloy® 3.0, together with an extra layer of pocket springs and Jensen® Original Zone System creates a completely unique level of comfort, designed for the human body.


The inclusion of Jensen Exact Comfort Adjustment in the base gives you the possibility of continuously adapting mattress firmness. There are many reasons why this will improve your sleep quality. Going through life, our bodies change and we also experience periods of temporary pain due to everything from exercise to physical or monotonous work. With just the push of a button, you can adjust your mattress’ tension to sleep according to your body’s needs and wake up fully rested.


Jensen Supreme Epic is Scandinavian design through and through. It is available in a wide range of colours and has a large selection of specially designed accessories. The fabrics are made from wool – an elegant and soft material that is inherently sustainable and naturally flame retardant.

The premium quality of Jensen Supreme Epic is emphasized by the mattress topper and its stylish design. The inspiration is taken from the traditional Norwegian pattern used in knitting, which is based on stars or bows with eight sharp leaves.

The mattress cover is made of fabric with a Cairo Cashmere quality, giving a truly soft experience. Cairo is a viscose in very high quality with optimal properties for transporting moisture and regulating heat. Cashmere is a natural wool fiber that is also known for moisture and heat-regulating qualities. The cashmere is knitted into the top layer that is closest to your skin to improve your sleep quality.

Jensen StarRose has an Innergetic® Sonocore Latex filling. The open cell structure in this material provides very good air and moisture flow. The filling material is both perforated and grooved. The perforation provides optimal ventilation and the grooving provides a softer and firmer side. Bacteria and mites do not thrive in latex, making the bed climate cleaner and healthier.

Innergetic® Sonocore latex with extra stretch feels both embracing and soft, while at the same time letting the zone-divided spring system in the layer below provide the necessary support. Innergetic® Sonocore latex is environmental-friendly and durable.


Choose between soft, medium, firm and extra-firm sleep comfort.


180x200, 180x210, 210x210

Textiles for Supreme Epic Continental Bed

Evening Anthracite (330/157)

Headboard Evening Anthracite (158)

Grey (320/161)

Headboard Oyster Grey (162)

Natural Beige (301/159)

Headboard Natural Beige (160)

Golden sand (310/163)

Headboard Golden Sand (164)

Misty mint (329 / 165)

Headboard Misty mint (166)

Midnight Blue (328/336)

Headboard Midnight blue (176)

Nature (429)

Headboard Nature (439)

Light Grey (427)

Headboard Light Grey (437)

Dark Grey (426)

Headboard Dark Grey (436)

Green (428)

Headboard Green (438)

Anthracite (425)

Headboard Anthracite (435)

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Technical specifications

1. Jensen StarRose with Innergetic® Sonocore Latex
2. Aloy® 3.0 Pocket 16 cm with Jensen® Original Zone system
3. Innergetic® Latex 3 cm
4. Jensen Reflect Pocket 7 cm
5. Jensen Support Pocket 12,5 cm
6. Jensen Cellex XS 1,5 cm
7. Jensen Exact Comfort Adjustment


Starrose Mattress Topper

This voluminous and luxurious mattress topper has a magnificent quilt design. Inspiration is taken from traditional knitting patterns based on star roses.

The mattress cover is made from a mixture of materials that offer a fantastic soft touch: Cairo, a high-quality viscose that provides the very best moisture transportation and heat regulation; and cashmere, a natural wool fibre known for its excellent moisture transportation and heat regulation, woven into the top layer. This gives Jensen StarRose an exclusive look and feel. These properties mean the fabric feels supremely comfortable against your body and produces a glorious and luxurious experience. For a truly refreshing sleep experience, Sensity™ has been included.

In addition, Jensen StarRose has a Innergetic® Sonecore latex filling. The open cell structure of Innergetic® Sonocore provides excellent air and moisture transportation. The filling material is both perforated and grooved. The perforation ensures optimal ventilation while the grooving provides a softer and a firmer side. Latex inhibits bacteria and dust mite, resulting in a cleaner and healthier bed climate. Innergetic® Sonecore latex with extra stretch feels both embracing and soft, while the zone-divided spring system provides the necessary support. Innergetic® Sonecore latex is environmental-friendly and durable.

All Jensen mattress toppers in this catalogue carry the Swan label. Any product labelled with the Swan also has to satisfy strict requirements regarding the product’s environmental impact throughout its lifespan – from raw materials to disposal or recycling.

Height: 10 cm

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Jensen Aloy® 3.0 spring


With Aloy® 3.0, the hip zone in the spring system gets improved carrying capacity while allowing the hip to sink even further into the mattress. For those who prefer to sleep on their back, Aloy® 3.0 also provides comfortable back support. The combination of Aloy® 3.0 and our carefully selected upholstery materials provide a deeper comfort that avoid tossing and turning. The result is a deeper and undisturbed sleep.

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Evolution: Inside

Jensen® Original Zone System

The Jensen® Original Zone System combines a soft shoulder zone with built-in support for the lower back.

Pocket on Pocket

Jensen Pocket on Pocket Technollogy is our brand new and upgraded spring system. Jensen Pocket on Pocket in all layers of the bed lets the body sink deeper into the mattress, while getting the support it needs. Pocket springs in the lower spring section provide a stable comfort without annoying sideways movements (double beds).


Stretch in all the sleeping surfaces optimises the properties of the spring systems.

Jensen Exact

In the case of Exact Comfort Adjustment, which we are now launching, you can adjust the comfort of the continental bed to a softer or a firmer feel according to your needs at the touch of button. You can thereby adjust the comfort and support offered by the bed every day, depending on how you feel at the given time! Read more


All Jensen beds are supplied with a 5-year full guarantee and a 25-year guarantee against frame or spring breakages. The detailed terms and conditions can be found in the guarantee certificate issued with your bed.


Jensen beds are tested and approved by AEH, a neutral test institute in Zurich, Switzerland. Every
bed is certified and undergoes thorough testing in connection with ergonomic, hygiene, bed climate and durability. 


All our wooden frames are FSC® approved. FSC® assures all wood is sourced and processed in a responsible and socially beneficial manner.

Made in Norway

All Jensen beds and mattresses are designed and manufactured in Norway. 

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