Nordic Line

Jensen launches a new and trendy bed concept. The Nordic bed need no longer be a heavy and robust furniture in the bedroom. With the Jensen Nordic Line, it can also be a light, elegant eye catcher.

In its desire to honour Scandinavian design, Jensen has developed the concept of the Jensen Nordic Line. Using materials inspired by nature, modern fabrics and timeless design, this concept can raise the bedroom to new heights. It also contains a broad range of accessories, based on northern European design traditions, where the quality is clearly visible in excellent craftsmanship and the choice of materials.

Accessories include legs, headboards and bedside tables. High, round, slender legs of oak, whitewashed oak or black powder-coated steel add cachet and give the bed a light and airy appearance. The new Add-on bedside tables reinforce this image. A base made of powder-coated steel is attached to the bed in such a manner that it almost appears as if the bedside tables are floating. The top is available in three versions: oak, whitewashed oak and black oak.

You can choose from headboards with various widths and heights. Create a sense of unity by choosing the same fabric for the headboard as for the bed. This pure and simple image is strengthened by the innovative Jensen Nordic Seamless, where the entire frame of the bed is covered with fabric and the seams are hidden. For optimal comfort, the bed is equipped with Jensen’s original zone system and the pocket-on-pocket spring system. Moreover, the bed has a single-piece lying surface, without hard edges in the middle.

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Landscape Headboard

A slim, textile-clad headboard in landscape format, with a button design. We recommend using the same textile for the bed and the headboard. The headboard will be mounted on the bed. Headboard height: 75 cm 


Portrait headboard

A slim, textile-clad headboard in portrait format, with a button design. We recommend using the same textile for the bed and the headboard. Headboard height: 120 cm as standard (maximum height is 151 cm) Depth: 5 cm. 



Practical lamp with good light for reading. The lamps two movable joints make it easy to control the light beam. Delivered in black. Assembly on bed. Can not be used together with Jensen Mistral. 


Add-On beside table

Bedside table with a wooden top and three different finishes: oak, white washed and black. Legs are made from powder-lacquered steel. (Adjustable height +/- 15 cm) 


Add-on Floor

A floor-standing bedside table with a solid wood top. Available in three finishes: oiled oak, white washed and black. Black powder-lacquered steel legs. H 58 cm, top: 38 x 38 cm. 


Round slim legs

Choose between 14 cm or 18 cm high. Oak, white washed, powder-lacquered steel, polished steel and matt brass. 


Sit-on Ottoman

Available in three finishes: oak, white washed and black. Black powder-coated steel base. L 118 cm / H 44 cm