Get a better night's sleep with an adjustable pillow to your individual needs

When it comes to our back and sleep comfort, the only thing that tends to spring to mind is the bed. However, in order to have a good night's sleep it is also essential to have a good pillow. Your pillow is possibly the most personal thing you have in your bed. A good pillow not only helps you get a better night’s sleep but also helps prevent headaches, neck and back pain - that is as long as you use it properly.

As a result of poorly adjusted pillows we generally tend to sleep with our neck at the wrong angle, which can soon lead to tension in the neck and shoulder muscles, tension headaches and a stiff neck. That is why it is very important to adjust the height of your pillow to the position you generally sleep in. So take a look at your pillow, think about the position you sleep in and ask yourself if your pillow does in fact offer you the right kind of support.

Stomach sleepers:

Stomach sleepers often keep more than one pillow under their head and their arms under the pillow. To breathe freely, the neck has to be tilted approx. 90 degrees, which leads to a misplacement of the neck. If you do wish to sleep in this unideal position, the pillow should be placed under your stomach, in order to free up the neck and straigthen the back. Otherwise, you should skip the pillow altogether.

Side sleepers:

We humans are created differently, so one pillow does not fit all side sleepers. The softness of the bed and the width of your shoulders must be taken into account when you choose a pillow. Nerves can be squeezed by both a too high and too low pillow, which can cause pains in the neck and uncomfortable tingling down your arms.

Back sleepers:

In this sleeping position, the height of the pillow is more flexible. The back can handle the fetal position well, and even if the pillow is relatively high, it will not cause discomfort. Many might experience dizziness if they don't use a pillow or it's too low.

No matter what position you sleep in, it is always better to choose one really good pillow that fills the gap between your shoulders and your neck than a couple of mediocre pillows. The pillow has to ensure that your neck and back end up in a position that is as straight and as neutral as possible. You should opt for a flexible, adjustable pillow that ensures you do not have to change your sleeping position very often and are able to enjoy a comfortable, relaxing sleep. Jensens Perfect Pillow and Jensens TempSmart Pillow are two top quality pillows that optimally adjust to your head. Jensens TempSmart Pillow even has thermo regulation, ensuring comfortable sleep both at cool and warm nights.

You should test various pillows until you find the ultimate one for your neck and your sleeping position. Good luck!

A passion for craftsmanship

A passion for craftsmanship

Sleep expertise.

Sleep expertise.