A 72-year-old in the prime of their life

Some things just get better with age, and Jensen exemplifies this. 72 years have passed since the Norwegian bed brand first saw the light of day, and during that time invaluable experience, expertise, innovation and a deep respect for genuine and traditional craftsmanship have made Jensen a highly respected market leader.

In post-war 1947, access to material was limited and you used what you had, so the first mattresses from Jensen were made using horse hair, horsetail hair and cotton wool. When it first started out Jensen also made chairs and sofas, and its first sprung mattress, Svella, was launched in 1952. 

During the 1980s it was decided that Jensen would focus on beds, and the factory in Svelvik in Vestfold opened in 1984 with 28 employees. The following year, the factory started exporting beds to Denmark. 

The quest for optimal sleep comfort

Innovation and the quest for optimal sleep comfort became the focus. The waterbeds of the 1980s, which moulded to the shape of the body, were a catalyst for the development of mattress technology. A lot happened on the innovation front during the 1990s and 2000s. Jensen started cooperating with a physiotherapist in 1990, and Jensen Vital, the market’s first adjustable bed, was launched two years later. The zone system was launched in 1998, a sleep comfort revolution that aroused great interest among consumers and other bed brands. In recent years, sleep comfort has been improved further with the technologically advanced Aloy® spring system.

Good craftsmanship

Jensen Beds is passionate about good craftsmanship and works continuously to develop mattress technology that can ensure an optimal night’s sleep. With the experience and expertise acquired over 72 years, the continued use of genuine and traditional craftsmanship, and a fearless focus on new, innovative solutions, Jensen has made its mark as a major player within the industry.

Arne Krogh Jensen on the market’s first adjustable bed, Jensen Vital.

Nordic Swan Ecolabel

The materials for the eco-labelled mattresses are selected with care. The wood in the frames comes from environmentally certified forests, and the metal in the springs is recycled. The wood, metal or fabric surfaces are not treated with any harmful flame retardants or other harmful chemicals, and the mattress is high quality, wear-resistant and durable.

Made in Norway 

All Jensen beds are still manufactured in Svelvik in Vestfold. The factory currently employs 130 people who supply beds to almost 20 European countries. Jensen has established valuable cooperation with furniture chains and shops in all those countries. Manufacturing the products in Norway provides value in itself: this bears witness to good quality, ethical production and a strong focus on the environment and sustainability. Jensen products represent the ultimate in Scandinavian design and have been awarded the Norwegian Design Council’s prize for good design twice. 

At the factory in Vestfold, 130 employees make beds that are transported across Europe. The materials and technology are cutting edge, but the passion for genuine and traditional craftsmanship remains.

For more information, please contact:
Malin Lauritzen, PerPR, +47 92 89 77 17, malin@perpr.no
Nina Stordalen, Hilding Anders Norway AS, +47 33 78 49 46, nina.stordalen@hildinganders.com
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