Jensen perfectpillow

Jensen PerfectPillow is filled with thousands of fibre balls that change shape after your head. The height and springiness of the pillow can be modified by removing filling until you find the perfect support for your head and shoulders. The fibre balls maintain their springiness for a long time and can endure many washes. If the pillow collapses after being washed, simply shake and fluff it a little. Jensen PerfectPillow can be washed in a washing machine at 60ºC, and can also be tumble dried. Please read the washing instructions on the product label.


TempSmart™ pillow features a thermo regulation function that actively balances the temperature changes that can disturb your sleep. This innovative technology consists of millions of microcapsules, adapting constantly to your skin’s climate, by absorbing, storing and releasing excess heat as needed. In this way, the microcapsules create a buffer against overheating/perspiration as well as cold/shivering and keep you within your comfort zone, with great sleep quality as a result. That is why TempSmart™ is ideal for anyone who has trouble with keeping a steady body temperature through the night.

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Build your bed 2.0

With Build Your Bed 2.0, you can create the Jensen bed of your dreams. In an easy manner, you can customize a bedroom with the Jensen bed you prefer, legs, mattress topper, headboard, bedside tables and lamp. This bed of your dreams can be printed and brought to your nearest Jensen retailer or shared with your friends on social media.

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