The innovation that changed the perception of sleep comfort.

The Jensen Zone system revolution
In 1998, a revolution in sleep comfort was started. The Jensen Original Zone system attracted considerable interest from both consumers and retailers, such that one year after its introduction, all Jensen beds featured the Zone System. Since the launch the zone system has been synonymous with the Jensen trademark.

The Jensen Zone system function
Jensen® Original Zone System provides proper support for the entire body when at rest. It provides support for the curve of the back, in combination with a soft shoulder zone, which is the key to an optimal sleep experience. The zone system is based on self-evident and natural principles. Most people are broader in the hip and shoulder areas and narrower and heavier around the waist. Given that the main purpose of the mattress is to effectively support the body, the division into zones provides more equal and comfortable support where the shoulders and hips sink deeper into the mattress, with firmer support for the narrower and heavier waist area. The effect is the sameirrespective of whether you lie on your back or on your side.

Jensen® Zone System.
If the mattress is too hard, the hips and body do not sink into the mattress, which results in a lack of support. If the mattress is too soft, the body sinks too far into the mattress, as it would in a hammock. The spine becomes unnaturally curved. The perfect mattress provides an even and comfortable support for your body. The hips and shoulders sink into the mattress, while at the same time perfectly supporting your waist and lower back.

Did you know that we sleep for:
• 1/3 of our life
• 7.5 hours a day
• 229 hours per month
• 1.3 weeks per month
• 2,745 hours per year
• 15.6 weeks per year


Hips and shoulders do not sink into the mattress and as a result the waist and lower back are not supported.


The body sinks too far into the mattress, as in a hammock and the spine is unnaturally curved.


The mattress gives the body equal and comfortable support. Hips and shoulders sink into the mattress so that the waist and lower back are perfectly supported.


Since 1947 Jensen has produced beds in Norway with a strong focus on sleep comfort. Many groundbreaking innovations in bed manufacturing bear the Jensen signature and today this is more evident than ever before. Combining the significance of traditional craftsmanship with the best materials and solutions that the market has to offer is a well-known fact in the business.

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