Social developments generally impact changes in fashion and home furnishings, as reflected by the trends for the autumn and winter of 2017. In a daily life that is becoming ever more impatient and demanding, there is a growing need for peace and quiet, for moments in which one can escape from all the digital impressions that is overwhelming us. That explains the rising demand for products and colours that give us a sense of tranquillity and improve our quality of life.

New luxury, with a natural feeling

Conscious shopping will probably become even more common in 2017, with a shift towards traditional, honest products - but with a new, luxury experience. The trend that stems from the interface between city and nature - often called ‘slow living’ - is gaining momentum and now focuses on our senses, body and soul: enjoying the present while at the same time creating a sustainable balance between health and luxury. Good sleep is imperative in this development. This green, humane trend draws its colours and forms not only from the woodlands, but also from outer space and even exceptional natural phenomena, such as the aurora borealis. Natural materials like wool play an important role. It is also becoming more commonplace to wear the same clothes at work as at home, whereby the keywords are ‘functional’ and ‘practical’!

From sharp lines to unconventionally casual

Next year, we will say goodbye to white and sleek, and say hello to a more outspoken and unconventional looks, inspired by India and Morocco, for example. The preferred fabrics will be soft and accompanied by attractive details, such as pleats and chevrons, combined with wool, fleece, felt, tweed, jersey, jacquard, painted denim and velour. And they must, if possible, be 100% biodegradable.

Purple: the colour of 2017

While nature has in recent years made its way into our homes and bedrooms in the form of untreated wood and earthy tones, we have gradually taken leave of classic Scandinavian white. With grey, blue and pale colours setting the tone in 2016, the dominant colour of the new season will be purple, albeit in soft hues.

The purple shade used in the Jensen Supreme Purple Meadows, for example, evokes tranquillity, making it a popular colour for meditation purposes. Other emerging colours are various interesting tones of green, warm variants of yellow and orange, and light greys that harmonise well with other colours.

In other words, we will find ourselves surrounded by soft, earthy colours in 2017. The blue that was so dominant in 2016 has slipped from its throne. One thing is sure, however, next year's fascinating colour options will make it more fun than before to match beds, bed linen, furniture and bedroom walls.