Jensen presents Appjustable

It has never been easier to operate one of Jensen’s adjustable beds. All you have to do now is download our free app for adjustable beds to your iPhone (4s/5).

The Appjustable is the ultimate remote control for your adjustable Jensen bed. A simple press of the button is all that is required to move your back and legs into the position that suits you best. You can even save your preferred positions. Clicking the respective memory button will move your bed to the right position.

In the case of the Aqtive III and Dynamique models, which include a massage function, you can set the area to be massaged and the desired time and intensity. In the case of the Dynamique, you can use the Appjustable to set the intensity of the lamp, the Ventronic® climate control and the alarm.

The Appjustable communicates with the bed via Bluetooth. Consequently, using your iPhone as a remote control for your adjustable Jensen bed costs you nothing.

Jensen - more than 65 years at the top
Jensen was founded on 14 February 1947. These days Jensen is one of the leading bed manufacturers in Scandinavia. Production takes place in Svelvik on the banks of the Oslofjord. The place exudes an atmosphere of pride and knowledge which no machine in the world can replace. The result is that Jensen has slowly but surely become a household name both inside and outside Scandinavia.

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