Linden green is a beautiful colour, regarded to have a calming effect. Now, it’s moving into the bedroom as a part of the new Jensen Supreme Collection. The bed has also been upgraded with a new, flexible spring system, in order to give a more balanced and harmonic sleep.

Nature, life, balance and freshness. No colour is so inseparably connected to health and harmony as the green one. And nothing influences our current interior trends more than nature.

Fairy Green, the new linden green finish, is a part of the upgrade when the bestselling Jensen Supreme Collection now is being launched in a new version. The relationship to forests, mountains and nature has been instrumental for everything from design, textiles and accesories to the soothing, new colour.

Included in the new Supreme Collection is also Aloy® 2.0, a brand new spring system that adjusts itself to your sleeping position and weight distribution. This makes the entire surface very comfortable, as the firmer zones provide support, while the softer zones let you sink even deeper into the mattress. With Aloy® 2.0 you get an extra soft shoulder zone that minimizes the strain and pressure when you sleep on your side.

Another eye-catching piece of news is the Jensen Nordic Seamless – seamless both on the inside and outside. With this textile solution, the fabric covers the entire bedframe, without any visible seams. All Jensen beds and mattresses are designed and manufactured in Norway.

Jensen is one of Scandinavia’s leading bed manufacturers. Our factory is located in Svelvik, Vestfold. Here, the Jensen beds are designed, developed and manufactured. The people that make the beds are the reason why Jensen has become a well-known brand both in and outside the Nordic countries.

Jensen is a part of the Hilding Anders family. Hilding Anders is the leading bed manufacturer in Europe and Asia. The group was founded in 1939 and has its head office in Malmö, Sweden. Hilding Anders Group is active in more than 40 countries, with more than 7000 employees and a net sale of €917 million in 2014. Through its series of well-regarded brands and original product concepts, Hilding Anders offer beds and mattresses for all needs.

Jensen and Hilding Anders are working every day to give the world a good night’s sleep, and aim at becoming a world-leading supplier of bed solutions.

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For more information:
Nina Stordalen, Marketing Manager, Hilding Anders Norway AS
Email: Direkt: +47 33784946 Mobile: +47 99615668

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