70 years optimal sleep comfort

In 1947 Jensen was established, and it has been a 70 year long success story. Ever since the beginning, our bed production has been characterised by an innovation development and forward- thinking focus. Something that has resulted in both domestic and international growth. 

The grandfather of Jan Trygve Jensen, the firm’s current CEO, founded the Jensen family business, and optimal sleep comfort combined with Scandinavian design has been our recipe for success ever since. Our goal was to create the most favourable conditions for the body to recuperate, and begin the next day feeling refreshed. Jensen has therefore continued to develop new products that offer optimal sleep comfort, which has attracted considerable interest in our beds both domestically and internationally.

The waterbed provided insight into sleep comfort

Our original mattresses were filled with horsehair and torn rags, as commodities were hard to come by during the post-war years. However, the mattress has undergone a number of major modifications over the course of time. The waterbed in the 1980s proved a revolutionary catalyst for the further development of sleep comfort, as it was capable of adapting to your body. This technology in turn prompted various ideas for new Jensen innovations, including the Jensen® Original Zone system.

Manufacturing in Norway, with a 70 year long legacy of craftsmanship

Our mattresses today is made up of highly advanced zone and spring systems. With 70 years of experience with craftsmanship has ensured that Jensen leads the way in the development of new products and functions. Despite the firm’s strong growth, Jensen has proudly remained loyal to its roots, continuing to manufacture beds in Svelvik, in the Norwegian province of Vestfold. This achievement can be largely attributed to our development of a customised production line, comprising an ingenious blend of automation and craftsmanship, and a flexible logistics process that we are proud of. 

Established in 17 European countries

Our factory in Svelvik supplies beds to 17 European countries, thanks to partnerships with major furniture stores and chains in all countries. Our partners stand for high quality and share both our passion and knowledge for sleep comfort. 

Brief facts:

• The factory in Svelvik has a 130 employees
• Established in 17 European countries
• Two time winner of “Award for Design Excellence”

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