Jensen – On Nature’s Side

When we are developing new products here at Jensen, we not only focus on sleep comfort but also on our responsibility to ensure that our products promote good health and that our manufacturing processes do not harm the environment.

With the qualification criteria for the Nordic Swan, the official eco-label for the entire Nordic region, becoming ever-more stringent, we are naturally proud to announce that we have been licensed to use this label on many of our mattress collections for a further two years.

Only those products that meet strict environmental requirements throughout their life cycle receive the Nordic Swan eco-label. All of the relevant environmental challenges in terms of the sourcing of raw materials, product manufacture, the use of chemicals and recycling are carefully considered. Last but not least, the product must be safe for the consumer to use, and durable.

“Jensen mattresses have made a tremendous commitment to the environment and the consumer by obtaining Swan eco-labelling for many of their mattresses in accordance with our strict requirements,” acknowledges Elisabeth Kolrud from Miljømerking, the foundation that awards the Nordic Swan. “This is an extensive process that demands full traceability all the way back along the supply chain to Jensen’s sub-suppliers. It is incredible how many different materials and chemicals go to make up an apparently ‘simple’ mattress, and we have assessed all of them. The Swan requirements are good for the environment and good for the consumer’s health. For instance, with regard to health there are strict requirements regarding the content of formaldehyde, an irritant and carcinogenic chemical compound often found in stuffing and textiles. So you can sleep well on a Jensen mattress with the Swan eco-label, safe in the knowledge that you are also striking a blow for more sustainable products,” she confirms.

In the planning of new collections, eco-labelling is an important consideration when choosing suppliers. We also look at employees’ working conditions at potential manufacturing sites, and this is a key reason why most of our suppliers have their production in Europe.

All of our textiles bear the Øko-Tex Standard 100 mark. This eco-label confirms that the products do not contain any allergenic or carcinogenic substances. It also guarantees that the product has been tested for chlorinated phenols, phthalates, organic tin compounds and other harmful substances.

Our customers can rest comfortably and sustainably on a Jensen product!

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