Jensen Exact Comfort Adjustment

The key to the quality rest offered by Jensen is the zone system. Back support in combination with a soft shoulder zone ensures a totally new sleep experience. The principle on which the zone system is based is as obvious as it is natural. Most people have broader hips and shoulders, while they are heaviest, and generally narrower, around their waist. Because the task of the mattress is to support the body, it is divided into zones providing more equal and comfortable support when the shoulders and hips sink deeper into the mattress. At the same time, more support is provided to the waist.

Mattress tension is one of the choices that you make when buying a new Jensen bed. Most of our springs are available in various tensions from medium to extra firm. The tension is determined on the basis of height, weight and the desired level of comfort.

In the case of Exact Comfort Adjustment, which we are now launching, you can adjust the comfort of the continental bed to a softer or a firmer feel according to your needs at the touch of button. You can thereby adjust the comfort and support offered by the bed every day, depending on how you feel at the given time!

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