A healthy night's sleep means a good start to the day

Sleep is a crucial factor for getting the maximum out of life. That is why we at Jensen have been doing our best for more than 60 years to help people sleep better and more comfortably at night. As winter changes into spring and then summer, people sometimes have difficulty getting the temperature right in their bedrooms. The optimal bedroom temperature is somewhere between 16 and 18 degrees. With a view to optimising night-time comfort, even in the event of rapid fluctuations in bedroom climate, we have developed two ideal products: the TempSmart mattress and the Perfect Pillow with TempSmart. Both products have a 'thermostat control' which actively counteracts and balances out temperature fluctuations which can be the cause of restless sleep.

Jensen TempSmart topper
TempSmart™ is an entirely new mattress topper which uses new technology to balance out the temperature changes which are often the cause of a bad night’s sleep. This innovative technology consists of millions of micro capsules which adapt constantly to your skin climate by absorbing, storing or releasing surplus body heat as required. The micro capsules therefore form a buffer against overheating and perspiring on the one hand, and cold and shivering on the other. They keep you in the comfort zone so that you can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Jensen Perfect Pillow
Jensen PerfectPillow is filled with thousands of Comforel® Allerban® fiber balls that shape to your head. You adjust the height and springiness of the pillow by removing the filling until you have the perfect support for your head and shoulders. Jensen PerfectPillow is now also available with TempSmart™. TempSmart™ pillow features thermo regulation that actively balances the temperature changes that cause a bad night’s sleep. This innovative technology consists of millions of microcapsules adapting constantly to your skin’s microclimate by absorbing, storing or releasing surplus body heat. These microcapsules form a buffer against overheating/perspiration as well as against getting cold/shivering. The result is a perfect body-temperature management that keeps you in the comfort zone and guarantees optimal sleep comfort. TempSmart™ pillow is therefore ideal for anyone who has trouble maintaining a constant body temperature throughout the night.

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