Jensen Superior Nordic Seamless

Seamless was successfully launched on Jensen Continental beds in 2014. Now, we have adapted the Seamless to our Nordic beds too. Seamless is a textile solution that covers the entire bed frame. Four legs instead of the usual eight contribute to the bed’s new, elegant and unique look. This new solution also provides an even sleeping surface, without hard edges in the middle.

Believing that «even the very best can be improved» has always been a major driving force in the development of our products. The Superior reflects this more than any other bed. Jensen Superior is available in a large variety of different colours, all inspired by Norwegian nature.

Superior features Jensen® Original Zone System with Aloy® 2.0 pocket springs (16 cm). Aloy® 2.0 has an extra soft shoulder zone and built-in support for the lower back. The body sinks into the spring system, but is well supported and provided with plenty of space for the shoulders. The filling of Innergetic® Latex and jersey stretch in the fabric ensures a sleep comfort that simply must be experienced. Jensen Superior has double stitching and discretely embroidered logo on the lower edge of the bed.


Soft, medium, firm and extra firm.



Textiles for Superior Nordic Seamless

Grey (458)

Beige (527)

Anthracite (528)

Headboard Textile (334)

Beige (030)

Beige (031)

Grey (015)

Grey (016)

Anthracite bed frame (010)

Anthracite (011)

Dark blue bed frame (020)

Dark blue (021)

Evening Anthracite (330)

Oyster grey (320)

Natural beige (301)

Golden sand (310)

Misty Mint (329)

Midnight Blue (328)

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Technical specifications

1. Jensen Superior Topper
2. Jensen Aloy® 2.0 Pocket 16 cm with Jensen® Original Zone System
3. Innergetic® Latex 4 cm
4. Jensen Reflect Pocket 7 cm 


Jensen Aloy® 2.0 spring

Jensen Aloy ® 2.0 is our best and most flexible spring system, continuously adapting to your changing sleeping position and weight distribution. The spring system softens the entire mattress surface, since the firmer zones only come into function when your body sinks into the mattress.

Did you know that the shoulder joint is the most flexible of the body, and that this area is the one most exposed to injuries? This unstable joint is constantly exposed to pressure, especially if you sleep on your side. That is why we are launching Aloy ® 2.0. The secret is an upgraded Aloy ® spring system, with an extra soft shoulder zone - that gives your shoulders plenty of space.

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This voluminous and luxurious mattress topper has a magnificent quilt design. Inspiration is taken from traditional knitting patterns based on star roses.

Jensen Superior has an exclusive look and feel. In addition, Jensen Superior has an Innergetic® latex filling. The open cell structure of Innergetic® latex provides excellent air and moisture transportation. Latex inhibits bacteria and dust mite, resulting in a cleaner and healthier bed climate. Innergetic® latex with extra stretch feels both embracing and soft, while the zone-divided spring system provides the necessary support. 

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Evolution: Inside

Jensen® Original Zone System

The Jensen® Original Zone System combines a soft shoulder zone with built-in support for the lower back.

Pocket on Pocket

Jensen Pocket on Pocket Technollogy is our brand new and upgraded spring system. Jensen Pocket on Pocket in all layers of the bed lets the body sink deeper into the mattress, while getting the support it needs. Pocket springs in the lower spring section provide a stable comfort without annoying sideways movements (double beds).


Stretch in all the sleeping surfaces optimises the properties of the spring systems.


All Jensen beds are supplied with a 5-year full guarantee and a 25-year guarantee against frame or spring breakages. The detailed terms and conditions can be found in the guarantee certificate issued with your bed.

Made in Norway

All Jensen beds and mattresses are designed and manufactured in Norway. 

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