76 years of tradition and innovation

We believe you should never be held back because you are tired. This ambition has been the driving force behind our work ever since the start in 1947. Today marks the 76th anniversary of the founding of Jensen, and a perfect opportunity to celebrate the feeling of waking up fully rested. Let’s take a look at the values, heritage and innovative spirit that have taken Jensen Beds where we are today. 

Made in Norway.

Our first beds were produced in Svelvik, just outside of Oslo and right by the powerful Drammen Fjord. Since then, much has happened and our factory has been continuously expanded and improved to allow for an even more sustainable and qualitative production. We are proud that our beds are still made right here in Svelvik where it all started. 

The beds that leave our factory find new homes where they help improve sleep quality in most European countries and as far away as South Korea.

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Knowledge and passion.

Many of our co-workers are the second or even third generation to work at Jensen. The knowledge and passion for sleep quality that has been passed on and constantly built upon is a key factor in our success. 

At our production facility in Svelvik, a total of 130 employees work to ensure the high quality of every Jensen bed.

Sleep pioneers. 

We are proud of our heritage, but we never let it stand in the way for new ideas. We apply the latest findings in sleep science as well as our own expertise and curiosity to improve people’s sleep – and thereby their performance. 

Did you know that among many other innovations from Jensen that have paved the way for better sleep quality, we also launched the first adjustable bed on the market – Jensen Vital.

People and planet. 

We love and respect nature. We choose natural, environmentally friendly materials whenever possible and work with the leading sustainability labels. Already in 2006 we met the strict requirements for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and we now have the largest assortment of Swan-labelled beds on the market. We care for the planet, just as we care for the people sleeping in our beds.

To be approved for the Swan Ecolabel, each bed has to pass strict requirements regarding its environmental impact throughout its entire lifespan – from raw materials to disposal or recycling. With each year, the requirements get increasingly tough, ensuring an ever growing ambition to our work within sustainability. 

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Scandinavian design.

Our beds are characterized by the beauty, quality and functionality associated with Scandinavian design. From springs to seams, everyone at Jensen takes responsibility to make a long lasting contribution to sleep comfort.

Our upcoming addition to our assortment of adjustable beds, Jensen Lean, is a great example of our philosophy of combining elegance with functionality. Jensen Lean will be available for order in May.

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