Norwegian bed maker Jensen has been an innovative and future oriented company ever since its foundation in 1947. The result is a success story with national and international growth.

Jensen is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year and the results are once again excellent. While the national market remains dominant, exports are becoming increasingly important and amounted to 43 percent in 2015.

Jan Trygve Jensen, managing director of Jensen, explains, ”For us, the priority has always been to create the best conditions for the body to regain its strength and start the new day feeling invigorated. Our curiosity and experience continue to drive us in our development of new products that provide optimal sleep comfort. That focus has led to strong interest in our beds, both nationally and internationally.” 

Innovations in the field of sleep comfort

The first mattresses were filled with horsehair and torn rags. However, mattresses have undergone quite a few important upgrades since then. The waterbed from the 1980s was a catalyst for this development.

”What was revolutionary about the waterbed was that it adapted to the human body. We have learned a great deal from that technology, which has paved the way for numerous Jensen innovations,” Jan Trygve Jensen, whose grandfather founded the company 70 years ago, explains.

Jan Trygve Jensen

Made in Norway

Nowadays, the mattresses have advanced zone and spring systems. With a 70 years long legacy of craftsmanship and experience, Jensen leads the way when it comes to the development of new products and functions. Despite the rapid expansion, Jensen remains true to its roots and the company continues to manufacture all its beds in Svelvik in the Norwegian province of Vestfold. 

”We are proud of the fact that we have managed to retain our production here in Norway. We are pleased with the production line we have developed that combines automation and human skills with a flexible logistics process,” Jan Trygve Jensen adds.

In Europe

The factory in Svelvik supplies beds to 17 countries in Europe and Jensen has established a valuable partnership with key furniture chain stores and outlets in all countries.

”What they all have in common is the quality and expertise of their staff. They are just as enthusiastic and passionate about sleep comfort and passing on knowledge about this as we are,” Jan Trygve Jensen explains.

Facts in brief

  • The factory in Svelvik employs 130 people
  • Turnover in 2015 was in excess of half a billion Norwegian krone
  • Established in 17 countries in Europe
  • Two times winner of the Good Design Award of the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture

If you would like an interview with Jan Trygve Jensen or a tour of the factory in Svelvik, please send an email to

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