Contract Extras

The Contract collection is not only designed to give quality-conscious hotel guest excellent sleep. It is also designed to meet the demands of purchasers. With a very attractive price, great durability and easy cleaning, this collection meets both economic and hygenic requirements.

The Contract collection features some extra functions to add flexibility and make cleaning easier for your staff.

Attach extra skirting to the hotel bed using Velcro

Attach skirting easily

By mounting a Velcro on your hotel bed’s outer casing you can easily retrofit a bed valance to cover the top of the bed. The Velcro flap is three cm wide and walks around the bed as shown in red on the drawing. The bed valance is ordered separately from an external manufacturer.


Connect two mattress toppers with a zipper. For extra flexibility with hotel beds.


The main mattress is based on Contract I, II and III, with the ability to bond two single mattresses into a double – with the help of a zipper. Easily convert to a split topper for use on double adjustable beds. This solution is designed to increase the flexibility of hotel beds.

Removable and washable cover.

Loose cover

With the loose cover you can easily change or clean the cover. This is an option for the nordic range. Available in all Jensen Contract Line fabrics.