Jensen Contract C2 Nordic

Spring system
Jensen® Intro Pocket with Jensen® Original Zone System.

Mattress topper
Jensen Contract Basic (7 cm). 
Jensen Contract I (8 cm).
Jensen Contract II (9 cm).

The environment 

The Swan ecolabel.


Firm sleep comfort.


Available in all standard sizes.

Textiles for Contract C2 Nordic

Grey (458)

Jedfu (000)

Beige (527)

Anthracite (528)

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Technical specifications

1. Jensen Contract I
2. Jensen Intro pocket 12,5 cm
3. CME 2 cm (filling)


Jensen Intro spring

A spring system whereby each spring is wrapped in a fabric bag (pocket). The consequence is that each spring works individually and this leads to improved pressure reduction and more equal pressure distribution. A steel edge at the top and the bottom of the springs provides substantial side stability. The system of five zones, with a soft shoulder zone and built-in support for the user’s lower back, increases comfort because it reduces the pressure and distributes it more evenly, irrespective of the person’s build or body position.

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Contract topper I

Jensen Contract Topper I has a profiled side and a grooved side. Most people find that the profiled side is softer and the grooved side firmer. Cellex has excellent air and moisture transporting properties. Approximately height: 8 cm. Flame resistance: FR - NS EN 597-2.

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